Our Futbol history continues... / Nuestra historia futbolistica continua...



Let us RE-introduce ourselves... In 2004, Argentina Fresno Soccer Club (AFSC) was established to provide competitive soccer to a new community of players. In 2014, AFSC became an affiliate of PUMAS UNAM MX. Today, we are returning to our roots to become the independent club we started in 2004. FRESNO HEAT FC would like to welcome you and thank you for choosing our club to be part of your soccer life. FRESNO HEAT FC is an affiliate of Argentina Fresno Soccer Club a non-for-profit that is organized as a 501 c nonprofit corporation under the general corporation federal and state laws. FRESNO HEAT FC subscribes to all the rules and regulations of the NORCAL Premier League, California Youth Soccer Association and US Club Soccer. The traditional goals of our soccer program include but are not limited to providing a structured, challenging learning environment where the development of friendship, teamwork, lifetime mental & physical fitness habits provide the most positive outlets for youth soccer players. We will continue to strive for excellence both on the field and community.

Furthermore, FRESNO HEAT FC is committed to: 1. Develop player character, self-confidence, discipline, dedication and respect of teammates and opponents through quality coaching. 2. Provide the opportunity for all players, regardless of ability, to attain their highest potential. Providing education and training for players, parents and coaches to ensure a healthy, safe and enjoyable soccer experience. 3. And finally, to provide accessibility to competitive soccer for players from underrepresented, low income families through financial assistance and/or contributions.

Emilio Salgado
President / (559) 288-5387

Marcos Cortez
Vice president / Coaching Director / (559) 213-3540

Martin Valencia
Club Administrator / Registrar / (559) 288-6339

Antonio Ruvino
Member at Large / (559) 403-9864


Emilio Salgado
2010/2009 Boys / (559) 288-5387

Oscar Cardenas
2008 Boys / (559) 824-3751

Carlos Villafuerte
2007/06 Boys / (559) 273-9020

Francisco Medina
2005 Boys / (559) 474-7571

Jose Luis Valdez
2004 Boys / (559) 905-8163

Marcos Cortez
2003 Boys / (559) 213-3540

Marcos Cortez
2002 Boys / (559) 213-3540

Fabian Barett
2001_00 Boys / (559) 281-6312

Antonio Ruvino
2001 Boys / (559) 403-9864

Danny Jimenez
2008 Girls / (559) 284-5144

Sergio Aguila
2007 Girls / (559) 284-5144

Stephen Molinet
2006 Girls / (559) 284-5144

Mario Vazquez
2004 Girls / (559) 352-8215